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  1. The Plants Database includes the following 4 subspecies of Agave americana. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for subspecies profiles. Native Introduced Native and Introduced. Agave americana ssp. americana American century plant Agave americana ssp.
  2. Jan 12,  · Agave americana - Century plant is one of the more distinctive looking plants for Southern Californian/ Spanish style landscape design. To .
  3. Agave americana care – What are the requirements of caring for Agave americana? Agave americana care. Agave americana care is small amount of water to not overwater, full sun to half shade and prune dead leaves and dead plant plants died after blooming and need to take bloom stem and the plant down to let the new plants place to grow.
  4. Apr 04,  · Maguey or Agave americana is a native plant from Mexico, but is now cultivated in many parts of the world. This drought tolerant plant, also known by the name century plant or American aloe, is neither an aloe nor a cactus, but pertains to the Agavaceae family. The unique architectural Agave is one of the best xeriscape plants for your garden..
  5. Agave americana is naturally found in North America growing in the arid regions of northern Mexico but has naturalised in the Mediterranean region of Africa and Europe from sea level to an altitude of 2, m (9, ft). It prefers a very well drained moderate fertility sandy-stony soil that is tending acidic with a pH range from to
  6. Blue Agave Live Rooted Succulent Plant Thorned Inches Tall Years Old Cold Hardy Drought Resistant Easy-to-Grow (1 Plant Pack) out of 5 stars 12 $ $
  7. Agave plants (Agave spp.) generally are succulents with large leaves that end in spiny tips. There's a lot of variety in the agave genus. There are the large, stiff specimens that can grow to 10 feet or more in height and width. And there are the small dish-sized agaves, as well as a few agave species with soft leaves and no spines.
  8. Scientific: Agave americana Common: century plant, Maguey, American Aloe Family: Asparagaceae (subfamily Agavoideae) Origin: Slopes on the east and west of south central Mexico highlands Pronounciation: A-GA-ve a-mer-i-KAN-a Hardiness zones Sunset USDA 9 - Landscape Use: Strong accent, focal point, barrier plant, large desert gardens and xeric landscape design themes.

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