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9 thoughts on “ 345 - Tristram Cary - 345 A Study In Limited Resources (Vinyl)

  1. Tristram Cary. 14th May – 24th April Born in Oxford, he was the third son of famed novelist Joyce Cary (Mr Johnson, The Horses Mouth etc). As a youth Tristram enjoyed a keen interest in science, sound and electronics, and even though his father wanted him to become a doctor, he supported his son’s desire to be a composer.
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  8. A Folk label, from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Galliard started issuing records in ; it managed more than twenty issues before expiring, which it appears to have done c Most of its records were albums but there was at least four singles among them.
  9. Tristram Cary ‎– "Trios - Live Performance Electronic Music(Trios for synthi VCS3 and turntables)" (Electronic Music Studios Limited) L-R Robert, Tristram,John, Charlotte and Doris Cary entertaining themselves with some light electronic experimentation of an evening in their suburban abode.

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