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  1. Primordial. Profile: Irish Black Metal band with notable Folk influences. Formed in Skerries, Ireland, The group typically began recording in a raw Black Metal style, though over the years they have progressed and refined their sound into an amalgam of Metal, Folk and Celtic music.
  2. A primordial imprisoned by Ao in the form of a sphere of annihilation, Entropy was freed during the Spellplague. Erek-Hus Also known as The King of Terror, was one of the primordials who fought against the gods and died during the Dawn War. Karshimis This primordial despot was one of the few active primordials of Abeir (as of DR).
  3. primordial definition: 1. existing at or since the beginning of the world or the universe: 2. basic and connected with an. Learn more.
  4. Jul 14,  · primordial m or f (plural primordiais, comparable) primordial (first, earliest or original) primary, main, paramount. , Bernardo Soares, Livro do Desassossego, zionawareliwarfocomlisabziapo.coinfo Em mim o que há de primordial é o hábito e o jeito de sonhar. Synonyms (primordial): primeiro (paramount): capital, essencial, importante; Derived terms. primordialmente.
  5. Primordial definition, constituting a beginning; giving origin to something derived or developed; original; elementary: primordial forms of life. See more.
  6. ‘Embryonic stem cells are primordial cells with the ability to morph into any type of cell in the body.’ ‘During human fetal development, the primordial germ cells migrate to and are incorporated within the developing ovary and are termed oogonia.’.
  7. Jul 19,  · The Primordial, also called the Captive or the Timeless One, and the Beast by the Tudejsa, was a mysterious being of great power once detained on Charum Hakkor, and supposedly the last surviving Precursor, its physical form altered to survive enormous stretches of time. While its body was ultimately destroyed, the Primordial would transfer its consciousness into the Gravemind, the Distinctions: Massive, eurypterid-like head, four arms, barbed tail extending from head.
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